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Our mission is to ensure that every music lover can listen to the best radio stations the world has to offer, anytime and anywhere. If your station is not listed in the directory already, register now!

Reach a Global Audience

We have apps and websites with more than 40 million downloads in more than 50 different platforms: mobile, web, desktop, connected cars, TV, home pods and wireless speakers, wearables and more.

To reach this new tech channels and operating systems, you need the know-how and a continuous effort to be compatible with their always evolving systems.

Your listeners are shifting into these new devices and this is the perfect platform to seize this opportunity. We will continue investing heavily in making our ecosystem available in the broadest range of devices as well as in database licensing agreements with broadcast partners so we can increase even more our reach. With us, your station can reach a global audience with huge engagement potential, including ex-pat communities.

Promote your Content

  • You’ll have access to a customized page where you can upload info, news, programs, events about your radio station and even share your social media contacts. Engage your audience and link your website with your station’s page.

We want to make our listeners’ life easier. Like your audio car system, you can easily browse different open signal radio stations or simply search for your favorite one. Our algorithms allow us to understand what listeners like and suggest relevant new content accordingly. It also gathers all sorts of relevant data, enabling to create ranks of the most listened songs per genre and country, based on what people actually listened on the radio.

Our directory is updated every day based on broadcasters’ contacts, as well as our own editorial reviewers that filter the content generated. We receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis from broadcasters who want to create or update their stations’ records in our directory. Once registered, you can edit your station’s page on our website, or you can contact our team to help you on that process.

We do not host any audio content or change the audio signal. Radio stations will have on their servers all data related to each specific user, like any other web session on their open signal. We just provide an easy way for people to discover new radio stations by linking to third-party websites.